4 Inspiring Staircases

The only staircases in my home are those that lead to the basement of doom, where I spend very little time. It's less of a "man cave" and more of a "man hole", so you can imagine the elbow grease that area of our home needs.

Of course, the second I stumbled upon these inspiring staircases, I knew I was ready to tackle the challenge of remodeling our basement. Now if only I could find the motivation to start the drywall process!

1. A staircase/storage option always sets my heart aflutter, and this design is particularly beautiful. [via Architonic]

2. I've never seen a more modern, stunning and classic option. I don't know that I'd ever grow tired of walking on these stairs! [via Wuoohniture]

3. Part of me will always have a soft spot for salvaged wood, and I love that this option feels as if it has been around forever. [via The Old Boat House]

4. Of course, a stenciled staircase might be less manly, but would definitely suit my taste. And it is all about the gal, yes? Kidding. Maybe. [via PatternHound]

How about you, friends? Have you spotted any exciting stair options lately? Leave them in the comment section below!

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Up + down…

Gasped when I first saw this – stairs decked out with mirror mosaic tiles - never thought a staircase could look this glamorous! Can't you just see someone dancing or skipping down the stairs with disco music playing in the background?! So this got me thinking… what other fun and unexpected things can you do with stairs? Here are a few inspirations, some are more feasible, or rather, practical than others, but kudos to all the creativity that's out there!


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