Why Don’t You…?

… transform those spare drawers into clean, modern shelving?

Everyone’s got an outdated dresser, sideboard or buffet they’ve been hand-me-downed, and no matter how many times we paint, sand or stain it, sometimes? Well, sometimes they just don’t quite work. Perhaps the scale is all wrong, or maybe the shape isn’t quite what you’re dreaming of. Regardless, don’t give up hope – there’s still use for the piece after all!

Take out those columns of drawers and display them on your wall for a nice, clean row of open storage. Whether you choose to display art, photos or your favorite objects, the idea is a timeless one that is sure to work in any home.

After all, drawers deserve their moment in the spotlight, too, right? Happy decorating!

Image Credit: Peppar & Vanilj

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