Bright Idea: Repurposed Storage

storage shelving

Show me a women that has ample space for shoes and I’ll show you the Loch Ness Monster. Still, it’s every gal’s dream to have a perfectly organized closet with plenty of room for new additions – color-coordinated and labeled would be nice, too, yes?

Alas, we live in the reality of cramped storage spaces and tiny dwelling dimensions – and too much stuff to stash. Yet by re-purposing a few smart solutions, our reality might be a touch more inspired, yes? Here’s a trick:


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Try It: Headboard Storage

I love our bedroom more than any space in our home – it’s cozy, Scandinavian-inspired and features a charming wooden sauna we’ve built in the connecting suite. Yet one thing it does lack? Storage. Although my husband and I both have nightstands, it seems the books, magazines, bedside alarm clocks, hand lotion and baby monitor often pile atop each other until we’ve created a chaotic zone out of a calming retreat. Naturally, this headboard that boasts double-duty storage is calling my name…


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Bright Idea: An Organized Display for Kids

Teaching children the value of an organized space can be a giant task indeed. After all, what fun is it to hang your clothes when you’ll just be wearing them again the next day? (I confess as a grown-up, I often think the same of making my bed!)

Naturally, this idea made me smile. If you’re handy with free-hand illustration, you could easily recreate a display wall that encourages your children the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place!” – while still maintaining an artfully decorated room. I love the look, but the function is even smarter!

And no worries – if you simply can’t be trusted with a paintbrush and a steady hand, this custom vinyl decal company can create dozens of clothing silhouettes to stick on the wall directly. Genius!

Happy organizing, friends!

Image credit: 101 Woonideeen

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The Amsterdam Armoire

It takes quite a bit for me to fall in love with a piece of furniture. After all, I’ve always been a firm believer that it’s not what you own, it’s how you own it. Naturally, I’m a fan of taking average, everyday pieces and putting them together in ways that are unexpectedly charming. Yet this piece of stand-out storage designed by┬áScholten & Baijings is forcing me to re-think that very concept. Surely sometimes we have to bend our own rules, yes?

Created to reflect a modern interpretation of a 17th century cabinet, The Amsterdam Armoire’s exterior alone is stunningly crafted. But on the inside? That’s where the real fun begins…

Printed with still life scenes of what might lie beyond each door, the interior is a true masterpiece. And of course, no work of art is complete without an element of luxury – in this case, pale pink feet made of hand-blown glass.

What do you think? Would you ever splurge (and I mean splurge!) on a piece of furniture you’ve fallen head over heels for? Or do you believe in the beauty of simplicity and creative styling?

Images via Matter

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Finally: Under-the-Sofa Storage!

I’m one of those compulsive organizers that hates to see space go un-used and wasted. Naturally, when I spotted this genius idea on Apartment Therapy, I leaped for joy. Finally – a use for that weird, dust-bunny-collecting space underneath every sofa in my home!

By simply adding casters to a pre-formed countertop, you can create a handy games/craft surface for your kids! Let the puzzle-piecing, paper-glueing and go-fishing commence, and when your little one is finished having the time of their life? Roll it away – hidden and out of sight.

Genius idea, right?!

Photo: 2012 IKEA catalog

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