Why Don’t You…?

Image via Emmas Designblogg

… transform a spare cabinet into additional shoe storage? Equal parts form and function (after all – who doesn’t want to showcase all of that gorgeous footwear?), a display cabinet is the perfect solution to a closet bursting at the seams.

What do you think? Would you display your shoes the same way you display your dishes? Or is the look a bit too industrial and cluttered for your taste?

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The New Shelf

Long gone are the days of minimal shelving and simple storage. Lately, shelves are getting just as much attention as the objects we lovingly display on them – big or small. The newest trend? Geometric shelving that makes a serious impact:

Above: The T.Shelf houses an extraordinarily large amount of trinkets in its angular nooks and crannies.

Above: Even without the books, the Crash storage system creates a surprising focal point for any wall.

Above: Corner shelving gets a facelift with the A Few of My Favorite Things shelf, made of solid Douglas Fir and handcrafted in Germany.

With so many fun and quirky options, I’ve no excuse for my boring and minimal shelving. Time to upgrade – stat!


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A Case For Ladders

I’m a serious ladder junkie. Equal parts decorative and functional, there just always seems to be a purpose for a ladder in every home I see. But don’t take it from me – here are a few fantastic ways to make the most of a ladder in your own space!:

1. The Display Shelf

Image Credit: A Beach Cottage

Purely decorative in every way, a ladder can be used as a tiered display shelf for your favorite objects. Careful when displaying glass decor – rustic ladders aren’t necessarily known for their solid rungs!

2. The Organizer

Image Credit: Stylizimo

Short on closet space, but big on accessories? Organize your favorite baubles, belts and bags on a decorative ladder in your bedroom. Instant closet solution!

3. The Linen Closet

Image Credit: West Elm

Forget putting away those handtowels and linens – leave ‘em out in all of their glory! After all, homes are meant to be lived in, right?

Inspired yet? I’m curious: how many of you have ladders in your own home, and how do you use them? Feel free to share below!

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Genius Design: A Concrete Vase

I love anything natural and elemental in the home, so this concrete vase jumped out at me from miles away. Yet when I looked closer, I saw the sheer function of the design: a genius system of stackable rings for the ultimate flexibility in floral display.

Inspired by a Japanese canteen, the design works well for any size and shape of flowers. Even better? It comes with a lid in tow for flower-less days when it can be transformed into a beautiful container for office supplies, kitchen utensils and more.

Shouldn’t all things be stackable and easily transformed? What a beautiful mix of form and function!

Photos via Xiral Segard

What about you, friends? Has anything gorgeous caught your eye lately?

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Why Don’t You…?

… transform that stack of magazines into a useful (and visually interesting!) stool?

Created by German-based design label Nijstudio, the Hockenheimer stool aims to reduce clutter, save space and upcycle your everyday goods, transforming into a creation of ultimate function. Whether you choose to stack newspapers, magazines or your favorite design books, Nijstudio provides the base and belts — you do the rest!

I can’t help but think this would make a sweet DIY project with a bit of creativity. Any takers?

Via Dbriefed.

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