A Library of Built-ins

With another family member on the way, we are finding ourselves needing to think about rearranging space in our house.  Currently, our second floor has a master bedroom, a nursery, a guest room and a extraordinarily small room with a closet that is technically a bedroom but that I use for my office.  The nursery is truly only big enough for the crib, a dresser and a bookshelf, so there’s no doubling up in there. Which means that the guest room is going to have to become a big-boy room for our son and now we won’t be able to accommodate guests.  Except….that we also have a third floor, walk-up attic.

The attic leaves MUCH to be desired but is at least semi-welcoming with dingy carpet (as opposed to just sub-flooring) and old, painted paneling (as opposed to completely open joists).  When we bought the house, we knew that someday (which seemed at the time to be in the waaaaaaaay off distance) we would turn the third floor into a master suite.  And it looks like the next big project that we are saving our pennies for is just that.

So…all of that to say that over the years I have culled some inspiration for the time when we finally go for the big reno and one thing that has remained steady in my inspiration pics has been these extraordinarily charming and totally functional built-in bookshelves that wrap around the landing of the staircase.

(source – photo by David Prince)


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A Farmhouse Renaissance

Farmhouse modern is one of my favorite design concepts, so I’m thrilled with a new trend I keep seeing on the horizon: farmhouse renaissance! Lately I’ve been spotting milk bottles, wire baskets and canvas storage all over the web and can’t wait to see the trend bloom!

Below are a few of my favorite picks for every price range:

1. Crate and Barrel / 2. Pony Rider / 3. The Container Store / 4. Jayson Home & Garden / 5. Design Within Reach / 6. Wisteria / 7. Lexon / 8. Old Faithful Shop

After all, everyone needs a bit of grits, hay and wood-planked floors, yes? Happy trend-spotting!

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Three DIY Ideas to Brighten Your Entryway

With the welcome addition of spring weather comes spring cleaning, yes? Why not start in your entryway and tackle a few organizational (and just for fun!) DIY projects to cheer up your space?:


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Two Smart (Unexpected!) Storage Tricks

Storage seems to be top of mind lately, with spring well on its way (here's hoping!) and de-cluttering days ahead of us. Naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled on two adorable and surprising storage solutions this week — want a peek?:

[Image: Say Yes to Hoboken]

Have some spare crown molding, or itching for a trip to the hardware store? This super affordable trim doubles as stylish shoe storage when painted a bright, vibrant color. Or, if you're the traditional type, let the molding shine in its original state of white. However you slice it, this trick works wonders in small spaces where floor space is limited. Brilliant!

[Image: Little Inspirations]

It's no secret; the entryway is one of the more important areas of your home. Sneak in a decorative element (I love this oar!) that doubles as a clothing rack for a smart solution that's as pretty as it is functional!

What did we miss? What are your favorite surprise storage tricks? Come on; don't leave us hanging (ha! pun!)!

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Suitcase Storage…

… and I'm not talking for your next voyage abroad. Have you seen Lotty Lindeman's interior smarts? A fresh furnishings genius based in The Netherlands, Lotty transforms the everyday with beauty, function and craft. Currently, I'm swooning over her lovely suitcase storage options worthy of an art installation (or, I suppose, any hallway in the world!):

Created in 2009 and titled "Tassenkast", the solution is crafted out of wood, fabric and panels. I love that each suitcase presents a movable storage function that's as playful as it is inviting.

Brilliant, Lotty! Just brilliant.

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