Built-in me up, Buttercup!

I am OBSESSED with built-ins lately.  We are hoping to expand our family someday but not our home, so my mind often wanders to dreams of having a kids room on our third floor or turning our guest room into a kids room or moving to an undisclosed island in the Caribbean while someone else takes care of the kids.  Wait…that last one is my I-need-a-vacation daydream.

Anyway, here’s some built-ins-in-the-bedroom eye candy for you this lovely Thursday morning…

Let's take a moment to admire the function of the built-ins below.  They creatively fill the space under the eaves.  They afford each bed owner their very own shelves for photos, alarm clocks, etc.  They have beautiful open storage up above and functional, yet still stylish, storage underneath.  The effective use of bead board and horizontal paneling to further personalize the space is just the icing on the cake. 

This space is more for functional beach-house dormitory living…but I like the layout of three beds along the wall…not sure we’re planning on expanding to three at the moment, though.


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On The Hunt: Industrial Storage

I'm dreaming up storage ideas for a home I'm renovating at the moment, and am having a bit of an inspiration overload moment (IOM, if you will). There are so, so many great options on the market, and industrial, vintage design is at the top of my list. There's nothing I'd love more than a well-loved pile of drawers.

Yet which route to choose? Lockers? Library catalog drawers? Letterpress stations? The possibilities are endless, and there's a case for each:

Image Credit: Marie Claire Maison

If you're in the market for a wood, investment piece, a library catalog or letterpress system is perfect if you're an organization queen. Ideal for entryways, you can house sunglasses, scarves and miscellaneous out-the-door accessories all in one handy spot. Bonus? The closed drawers hide piles of clutter.

Image Credit: Country Living

Less clean-looking, but undoubtedly more quirky, metal, open shelving is also a delight of mine. The particular design above keeps clutter in tact with crate-style drawers, but still maintains an open feeling. Lovely!

Image Credit: Emmas Design Blogg

Locker-style metal cabinets? Yes, indeed. Super functional and surprisingly chic, I'm keeping this option on the short list for my own home.

Which do you prefer, sweet readers? Masses of tiny drawers or one big closet? Metal, wood, or perhaps iron? Or are you sick of industrial storage solutions completely? Spill it!

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Best Dresser Ever

[image credit: kara haupt]

Kara Haupt shared these photos of her bedroom nearly a year ago, and they are still so far on the forefront of my mind. I simply can't get this sweet little dresser out of my head. Rather than leaving it simple and white, Kara grabbed a pencil and some paint and free-handed typographic labels on each drawer. Genius, yes?

The knobs are Anthropologie finds (of course!), and I love how they give the black paint a softer, swirly touch.

Why not try this look at home? I can't think of a simpler before and after that will brighten your home, room and outlook faster than you can say, "Honey, the paint's dry!"

Happy crafting!

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Closet therapy…

I'm constantly craving for more closet space… do you feel the same? No matter how organized I try to keep it, there's still not enough room for everything. There are a million gadgets out there to keep your closets nice and tidy, but if I had a spare room (or the luxury!), I would definitely consider an open wardrobe like the one pictured above. I just want to see every single piece of clothing and accessories that I own – for once, LOL! Here's a look at what others are doing with their closets…


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Everything but the kitchen sink – utensil caddies

Before I got married, I didn't even know how to make a grilled cheese…I know…ridiculous.  Now, three years in, I would consider myself a pretty good cook…this is mostly in part to an unhealthy obsession with cook books but can also be traced to my love of kitchen utensils and gadgets.  In our house the rule is if you don't use it, you lose it…so the fact that the picture below shows such a diverse range of kitchen utensils MUST mean that I've graduated from grilled cheese to at least something requiring a whisk, ladle, one of those skiimmer things and a mulitute of spoons and spatulas…right?

Well, it turns out that for me to work best, I need my tools handy.  Thus, we keep our long handled kitchen tools in a caddy on the counter as I am sure many people do.  My husband brought this caddy into our marriage and I am glad he did because there is nothing more frustrating than trying to quickly get a spoon or spatula out of the caddy and having the handles get stuck and end up dragging the entire caddy down the counter while you burn your French Toast.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where our wooden caddy came from…fortunately, I've found some other fun options out there that would look none too shabby on even the best looking kitchen counters.


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