More kids play with stripes!

Ok…I promise I’m almost done with stripes.  I just love their versatility and playfulness and with so much beautiful inspiration to comb over, I had to keep sharing.

Last week I focused on horizontal stripes in kids spaces…this week, it’s all about the vertical stripe. Once relegated to hallways and powder rooms, the vertical stripe is becoming just as de rigueur as the currently-ubiquitous bold, horizontal stripe.

This shared space is so calming – the mild vertical stripes on the wall really help to made the space seem larger.


The stripe applied below the chair rail in this shared nursery ups the sweetness factor tremendously.


The variation in stripe widths and tones in this nursery corner are a welcome surprise.


I’m so in love with the bold, in-your-face pinstripes in this bedroom that is perfect for a teenage girl to call her own.


In yet another shared space, wide candy red stripes on the wall paired with coordinating bedding create a playful, modern space for siblings.


Of course, as always, one need not rely on wall paper treatments and painting tricks to achieve a room-heightening stripe trick.  A paneled wall in bright white makes this shared space even cozier.


Even Land of Nod is jumping on the vertical stripe bandwagon.  Just check out their latest crib bedding offering.  The gray. The mustard. The cute little birds.  The contrasting stripes and polka-dots.  I die.


In any space, stripes bring an element of play so they apply so well to children’s spaces.  Have you used stripes in your children’s decor?

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Earning their stripes

Ah, the ubiquitous stripe.  Long a design favorite for its versatility and playfulness, the stripe continues to be a popular option for decorating a variety of spaces.  Because stripes generally are the same width throughout their length, they automatically become a bold statement.  Of course, there are so many different ways of interpreting stripes that the boldness factor can go from 0-60 quickly (which is what we call ‘racing stripes’ ;)  Heh – see what I did there….snicker, snicker…

Anyway, moving along from my poor puns, the big, bold stripes below in this beautiful reading nook from The Lettered Cottage are restrained by their muted tone-on-tone color palate.  The space is small, yet feels larger because the stripes cause your eyes to continue to move about the room.

About a year ago, Layla and Kevin needed to transition their reading nook (above) to a guest bedroom nook so they took a road trip to scavenge some old floor boards, made a built in bed and added some 1×2′s to create a board and batten look. The new, more organically created stripes within the reclaimed wood wall and the board an batten are a fresh twist on the old theme.

Here’s another gorgeous example (found here but credited to House Beautiful) of how a more organic stripe, as created by the wood paneling on the walls, beadboard on the ceiling and variated floor boards in this bathroom below, can make a small space seem fresh and inviting.

I’m just loving this newer, softer stripe trend.  Have you earned your stripes in your home?

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Check It Out! Rebecca’s Stylish Bedroom

You'll have to excuse me for posting about FLOR's Shiny Happy Stripe again (remember those dazzling gold images?), but it seems I'm not the only one feeling inspired by these striped carpet tiles!

My friend Rebecca of loving. living. small. recently moved into a new (and, yes, small) apartment and has turned her bedroom into a really lovely, sophisticated space that's feminine but not girly. The silver striped tiles she placed on the floor have a slight menswear quality, which is a nice counterpoint to the vintage fashion prints she found at a flea market. As for the headboard, can you believe she built it herself?! Color me impressed.

• See more of Rebecca's home and small space inspiration at loving. living. small.

(Images: Rebecca Orlov)

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Inspiration: Shiny Happy GOLD Stripe

Like Erin, I harbor a fondness for stripes, whether they're on floors, ceilings, furniture, or accessories. Lately I'm especially taken with FLOR's Shiny Happy Stripe tiles in Gold and Gold/Cream, which bring a touch of glamour to this classic pattern. In tribute to these golden lines, here are eight other dazzling decor items…


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Stripe It Good!

Classic stripes are one of my favorite patterns, and admittedly, it's one of the easier ones to incorporate into decor. Surprisingly, my favorite way to infuse stripes into any space is via floors or ceilings — an unexpected and lighthearted twist to the usual patterned accessories and furnishings. In fact, striped floors have been making a comeback in my own world ever since an art installation in early 2008 left me reeling: Glasgow-based Jim Lambie rocked the MOMA with a much-needed dose of color and architectural influence by striping its floors using little more than vinyl tape. Genius, yes? Although the process looks incredibly daunting (my lower back hurts just viewing this installation photo!), I love the surprise element of patterned floors in vibrant colors. Naturally, I fear vinyl tape wouldn't look quite as finished as I'd like in my own home, but why not try the look with elemental striped rugs created by FLORs truly? The aesthetic is just as unexpected, but decidedly more posh and comfortable (not to mention much more kid-friendly, I'd imagine!). Top off the patterned frenzy with a DIY striped blanket ottoman (tutorial courtesy of Re-Nest!) and you'll have the coolest home on the block. Happy striping, friends!

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