Inspiration Only: Vignette

Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, as was the case when I stumbled upon a storefront that was styled in the most genius manner:

Post 27 recently hosted a gallery event in their retail space entitled Vignette. The result? Dazzling vintage ephemera and classic furnishings paired together in a swoon-worthy combo.

My favorite look is the above image featuring clipboard wall art, quirky typography and a fall-inspired color palette.

Ahhhh, this will be one for the tear sheets indeed.

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Why Don’t You…?

Sometimes all it takes is a subtle, inexpensive alteration to make a room come alive. Take this space, for example:

You see it, don’t you? A giant ball of thick yarn hanging from an otherwise-overlooked chandelier creates just the right amount of drama and movement to make you look twice. I can almost guarantee you have something hangable in your own home that will cost zero bucks for a massive impact.

Why not give it a go?

p.s. Any surprise details you like to showcase in your home? Share below!


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Vignettes Are The New Black

All Images: Agent Bauer

I actually just broke my own rule, which was to never say that anything was the new black. Yet it's true. Whether you're perusing glossies or blogs, design vignettes are all the rage and we're beginning to see the trend popping up in real life homes, as well.

I'm a bit at ends with this idea, to be truthful. Vignettes were once created and utilized by stylists to make rooms look more lived-in, more believable. It seems very few homes actually employed the concept of vignettes, simply because you guys — that is a LOT of stuff to dust.

Even so, with more inspiration than ever, we, as a society in love with imitation, are beginning to copy the looks of our favorite design mags. And I'm scared. Do I need to collect 150 antique mirrors now? Shall I keep my Czech glass necklaces hanging on the wall? Eh.

On one hand, the look is beautiful and I love the idea of surrounding myself with things I love.

On the other hand? Clutter.

I'm far from a minimalist, but I'm just simply not sure if I can wrap my head around displayed collection after displayed collection. I'm scared. And out of Pledge.

What do you think? Am I over-analyzing? (Probably.) Are you infusing vignettes into your home, and are you freaked out about the clutter?

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