DIY Outdoor Shower


Tis the season for seashores, sand and outdoor showers. There is nothing better than bathing out of doors under the stars on a warm summer night. Although there are some delightful designer options available these days, the solution need not be expensive. By removing a traditional faucet fitting, and installing an extension with standard plumbing components, you’ll be up and running in no time. Installing a hot water line is key to comfort, but there are some great solar heaters available, if tapping into the hot water heater proves difficult. For privacy, a shower curtain will do the trick, or a for those more daring, a simple wood enclosure makes maintenance a breeze. A great summer moment.¬†Enjoy!

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Signs of Summer

Summer. This image of inspiration speaks volumes to me. The simplicity and spirit of days spent relaxing by the lake. I find it is important to realize the power of absence in design. It provides the opportunity for a space to reflect and convey the spirit of the day, rather than a decorated impression. This mud-room is a place of transition, both filled with anticipation, of what is to come in the wee hours of the morning while gathering a fishing pole, tack and lunch, as well as a place of comfort upon returning from a day of adventure.

We design our environments so they “feel good” to us. The understated gesture of providing the necessary functions in this place, are all that is needed. A simple wood bench to sit and put on your shoes, and sturdy hooks to hang your coat and bag, with enough elbow room to accommodate guests in this welcoming light filled space, allow the spirit of the day to live and breathe.

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