Why Don’t You…?

Sometimes all it takes is a subtle, inexpensive alteration to make a room come alive. Take this space, for example:

You see it, don’t you? A giant ball of thick yarn hanging from an otherwise-overlooked chandelier creates just the right amount of drama and movement to make you look twice. I can almost guarantee you have something hangable in your own home that will cost zero bucks for a massive impact.

Why not give it a go?

p.s. Any surprise details you like to showcase in your home? Share below!


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Three Sweet Decor Surprises

When it comes to decorating, surprise is one of my go-to elements. Nothing creates a more exciting space than a shock factor that's as beautiful as it is unexpected.

Naturally, the second I spotted these three sweet surprises, I knew I wanted to incorporate them in my own home:

[Image Credit: Country Style]


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