Tenka Gammelgaard Studio Denmark

While reading the October issue of Elle Decor UK, I came across some inspirational images of Danish artist and painter Tenka Gammelgaard’s studio. The purity of her black and white environment is no doubt an important component to her organizational approach. It at once feels a bit chaotic and very clean and organized. There is a sense of whimsy and fun in her style, both personally, visibly in her work. Just look at the time and care she has taken to integrate even her paint brushes into the composition of her space. Very thoughtful and deliberate, and yet, firmly founded in fun. The white floors invite the texture provided by black paint splatter, and the walls, where artwork has been posted and worked on also creates an abstract linear layer, which further invigorates and defines this space. I can imagine spending countless hours here, surrounded by organized chaos, and  a monochromatic field to fill.

Content and images found at Elle Décor UK,  images sourced here.


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