Spotted: Over-Dyed Sling Chairs

Overdyed rugs are such beautiful statements in any spaceNail Salon Blueprint – Ebook $16 Commission!, but when transformed into seating? They simply sing.

Still & Co. recently created an edition of over-dyed sling chairs for Sit and Read in a perfectly spring color combo of grassy green and vibrant yellow. Priced at just over $1600, I certainly wouldn’t call the chairs affordable, but the look is so perfectly aspirational – and who knows, maybe DIY friendly?

In fact, check out the dying process in this video to get some ideas of your own!

Click for more: Nail Salon Blueprint – Ebook $16 Commission!.

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The Inspiration Behind The Design – Pretty Pieces

FLOR’s Pretty Pieces rug takes our grid-like system of squares and transforms it into invigorating patterns that seem to go on endlessly.

This rug is a combination of four individual FLOR styles – Cambium, Force Field, Petal Pusher and Cut Flowers that possess random patterns so no two tiles are alike.  These free flowing saturated colors and textures give the feel of walking into a beautiful garden.

The inspiration for this rug came from Josef Frank, widely regarded as one of the greatest influences in the history of architecture and design.  He co-created the Vienna School of Architecture and was influential in what became modern housing. He believed functionality was key to design and architecture, and we here at FLOR obviously second that notion.

(Above: Interior spaces that used some of Josef Frank ‘s patterns)

Frank became an innovator in textile design and for a period of nearly 40 years he created more than 200 patterns. The linear, grid-like look popular during that period was too rigid for his taste so he improvised in a big way, as you can see in his creations.  Scandinavian Design called Josef Frank’s styles  “Always in motion,” which was the theme that spawned the creation of FLOR’s Pretty Pieces Rug.

Images sourced from 1. 2. 3. 4. Elle Decor 5. 6.

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Why Don’t You…?

… go simply crazy with your bedding?

Indeed, why choose just one pattern when you can showcase as many patterns as you’d like? After all, your home should be a place for fun and whimsy, so decorate to your absolute delight.

Not sure the stacked blanket works for you (or are you an undoubtedly warm sleeper)? Try playing with textiles in other areas of your home: throw pillows on your sofa, tea towels in your kitchen and aprons in your mudroom. As a general rule, as long as the color palettes are complementary, you can mix as many patterns as your heart desires!

Happy mixing!

[Image Credit: Mokkasin]

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Fallify Your Home!

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

It’s here – fall has arrived! My summer sheets have been replaced with a crisp woven blanket and I’m anxiously awaiting my first bonfire.

Whether you love autumn or not (can you tell I do?!), there’s no arguing that it’s a season of transition. Here are a few easy ways to get your home in the fall spirit – in hopes that you’ll follow soon after!:

1. Textiles.
Each spring, I opt to throw my rugs in storage and leave my wood floors bare. Then, when the weather turns, I bring back my cozy sheepskins and jute rugs. Textiles are the easiest way to warm up a space – perfect for those dark, chilly nights!
2. Light.
Replace those bamboo shades and sheer, gauzy window treatments in lieu of a heavy textile to flock your windows. Bonus? Add a fun pattern for an unexpected pop to get you through the seasonal doldrums.
3. Color.
Bring in some jewel tones to accent your existing furnishings. Teal velvety throw pillows, harvest orange table runners and magenta vases make great fall transitional colors that you’ll want to hang on to through spring.
4. Accent.
Fall foliage is beautiful and vibrant, so bring in a few sticks, pinecones and dried leaves to accessorize with nature’s bounty. After all, nature is easily the most affordable upgrade. ;)

Happy autumn, friends!

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Time To Buy: Modern Quilts!


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