The Chameleon House




In the rolling hills of Northern Michigan, this intriguing home overlooks a cherry orchard and a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. Completed in 2006 by Anderson Architecture, this striking structure took less than eight weeks to build thanks to the use of prefabricated materials.  The steel frame of this house is wrapped in corrugated, translucent acrylic slats, allowing it to take on and reflect the changing colors of the landscape, like a chameleon blending into its habitat. With breathtaking sunsets on the Peninsula  at dusk, the house is aglow with the reflection of the setting sun. Because it sits on a steep hill, the entrance of the home leads to the third floor, letting residents descend to the bedrooms or walk up to the living area. From within, windows frame the not to be missed views, and when passing by one can’t help but to be taken by its presence in the landscape.

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