Telling Stories With Pictures with Thom Glick

What is your Story?

We all have important stories to tell.

Most of us use words; either spoken or scribed on a page. Thom Glick uses images. I had the pleasure to attend a workshop hosted by FLOR, on July 14 from 6 to 8pm at their retail location in Chicago, with Illustrator Thom Glick.  In attendance were students from UIC’s design department, Harrington School of Design, several local designers and architects, as well as FLOR enthusiasts and customers. In the Spring of 2010, Thom partnered with FLOR to create a design appropriately titled:  Character Sketch, in which the viewer is invited to explore a collage of his illustrations.  It is a natural collaboration, founded in a common belief that self-expression through design, is an opportunity to convey emotion and start meaningful conversations. (more…)

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