Why Don’t You…?

… patchwork tile your bathroom backsplash?

Bathrooms are all too often ignored in the home, taking a backseat to the “fun-to-decorate” rooms like living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces.  Why not have some fun in your bathroom and shine the spotlight on an otherwise forgotten space?

Get creative with your backsplash by designing a patchwork tile effect of different styles and designs. Keep the look grounded and clean by sticking to one color scheme (I love the light palette in the image above!), but go wild with patterns, textures and the rest. You’ll be amazed at how transformative the look can be!

Happy tiling!

Image Credit: Petra Bindel

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Designer Tile

Tile isn’t what it used to be. Designers are creating textural, sculptural and beautiful patterns in a wide range of materials. These designs are a way to bring art into your room in a whole new way. It truly becomes a personal expression of your personality and your space. From wood to leather, to unexpected design interpretations in concrete and ceramics, the Ann Sacks collection is a little bit like looking in a candy shop. With some well known designers on the roster, Barbara Barry, Clodagh, Vincente Wolf, and Angela Adams, just to name a few, there is a range of product offerings to please any aesthetic style. Beautiful, functional, art to enjoy every day.

Images sourced at  Ann Sacks




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Dent Cube

It is always of interest to me to discover elements of texture and architectural pattern which define a space. While reading on Design Milk this week, I came across a great new architectural product that can be used indoors or out. Dent Cube by Inax,. It is a system. A system of cubes that can be customized and designed by you, to create the effect and pattern to suit your individual environment. I am drawn to the simplicity and opportunity for personal expression within this system of panels. Some are flat panel, and the balance are an open cavity to fill as you imagine. Within this system of parts, Inex has created a beautiful range of glass tiles, which can be inserted into the cavities to create a lovely mosaic of sorts. Personally, I find the image below most interesting, creating infill from organic material, providing contrast and color.

Not unlike the Inax, system, FLOR is a system of parts, creating the opportunity to customize your design, and personalize your space. How about this Haute Stuff Rug above, as a complement to the vertical garden? Or, the mosaic of glass tiles below reflected in a multicolored FLOR rug.

The inherent Modularity of the Dent Cube system is an architectural solution for vertical surfaces, much like the FLOR system is for the floor. A system for your home or office to provide flexibility, and customization to personalize your space.

Images found at Design Milk and FLOR.com


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Same Tile, 3 Different Looks

I'm endlessly impressed with how a few statement furnishings can entirely transform a space. Take, for instance, the following three bathrooms. They each feature the same light-colored subway tile on the walls, but look so different when paired with meticulous accents:

The Scandinavian Stunner (image via Nura Loves)


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