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Modern design is often thought of as cold or harsh. That need not be the case. If you are a fan of modern light filled rooms with simple clean lines, you can also enjoy a space that is warm and comfortable. Introducing a neutral palette of warm tonal whites, paired with mid value woods can create a welcoming and relaxing environment.



“In the Italian Alps, in the heart of South Tyrol, architects Vudafieri Saverino Partners designed a modern house which thanks to a thoughtful choice of materials and colour combinations blends seamlessly into its surroundings and proves warmly welcoming, reinterpreting the spare, almost monastic spirit of the typical buildings of the region. ”


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Will Ferrell’s Renovated West Village Loft

Will Ferrell’s Manhattan loft is a light, bright family home for he and his wife, and their three children. Designed by Shawn Henderson, it is furnished with modern classics and a colorful and graphic art collection. The loft is located in a ‘converted Victorian-era printing factory, and is nearly 2,800 square feet.’ Since purchasing in 2010, the Ferrrell’s completely renovated the space, updating bathrooms, the kitchen and floors.’  I personally love the serenity of the tonal palettes selected for the decor of each room. The grey tones of teh family room and master bedroom are calming and appropriately simple for the loft space they inhabit. The bright white of the main space allows the art and color in the furniture to ‘pop’ and function as accents in the large open space. The dark kitchen counters work well with the structure of the space in black, creating a framework defining the implied rooms of the space without using walls, based on their function and use. The Ferrell family designed some very comfortable urban digs, I have to believe filled with lots of happiness and laughter.

Images sourced at Architectural Digest

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