Tonfisk Design

Tonfisk Design is a Finnish design group with an eye for modern and innovative design solutions. Each product is developed to solve a functional problem, beautifully. ’All Tonfisk’s ceramics are produced by hand at Tonfisk’s own factory in Turku to ensure good quality, the possibility to innovate and the well being of those who make a Tonfisk product.’ The Warm Collection offers a coffee and tea set. I am impressed by the sleek, minimal design aesthetic, but even more so with its practical and sustainable design solutions. The wood sleeve keeps the hot crafe elevated, so there is no need for a coaster. It also functions as a barrier, providing insulation to the vessel within, and to your hand as you hold it. The all natural cork stopper provides insulation and heat retention as well. The Newton cream and sugar set is another great example of Tonfisk’s inspired product design. The sugar bowl remains horizontal while pouring, and can easily be removed for filling the creamer and cleaning. All of these design elements aside, these dispensers and collectors are elegant additions to any table top. Enjoy.

Images and excerpts sourced at Tonfisk.

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