Toy design brings joy to everyone

My son was given a collection of toys called “Somewhere City” which was designed by Goran Lelas and featured at MoMA. These delightful critters change parts amongst themselves so you can create other cute critters of your own imagination.

Presently the Somewhere toys sit in my office–I like to call it borrowed–where I appreciate their simplicity, ingenuity and humor, all of which make me smile.

This had me thinking about the deliberate design of some of the other toys and baby gear he's had while growing up. Such thoughtful design offers form, function and fun in ways that make our everyday lives a little more easier, enjoyable and special. For instance the sweet and chewable Sophie teething toy.  She somehow makes baby slobber a lot more tolerable.  Maybe it's because she's made from 100% natural rubber from the sap of the Hevea tree, or maybe because she is French, as Sophie was born from the imagination of a Monsieur Rampeau who created her in 1961.


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