Tripp Trapped

A few weeks ago I shared with you all the pew that we use in our dining room.  What you might not have seen upon first glance is our Tripp Trapp high chair tucked neatly under the table.  We decided to invest in the Tripp Trapp a little over a year ago following a long and tedious budgeting analysis combined with various comparison charts and graphs and weeks of product reviews and owner interviews.  What can say, I’m married to an accountant and the Tripp Trapp isn’t exactly budget furniture.  That said, over a year of use later, and I can spare you the analysis and number crunching and just tell you that we love our Tripp Trapp and are 100% satisfied with its performance and its place at our dining room table.  Our son sits at the table with us for all of our meals; he’s been able to climb in and out of it on his own for at least four months now; and let’s be honest…it looks  so pretty.

Anyway, once you have invested a chunk of change on a life changing baby item that many people think is an over-hyped status symbol, you tend to feel a connection to it and other owners of it and thus are hyper aware of spotting it in other people’s homes.  For instance, last Fall my jaw dropped when I saw this picture on the COVER of House Beautiful.  I love how the Tripp Trapp is appropriate in any number of designed spaces.  Here in particular, it is a joyous pop of juicy contrast in a super-glam; micro-sized, New York apartment…


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