Fancy a tub time?!

Who says we can't indulge in a little tub time in the middle of the day, right? Pure dreaminess to the umpth degree… luxury to the max. Is it hard to believe there are so many options out there? Probably not. But personally I would love for it to be an everyday luxury. Or maybe a once-a-week luxury? For some reason, I'm not much of a tub person unless I'm vacationing somewhere far far away. That will truly be the time for me to completely decompress, let go of the workload, the computer, and yes, the cell phone. But, and I'm going to do an all caps BUT here, if any one of these gorgeous baths, whether indoor or outdoor belongs to me, you betcha I will be tubbing all the time, LOL! I am not going to keep rambling on and on here, because there are some seriously awe-inspiring baths below for you to feast your eyes on… enjoy!


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