The Balancing Barn

Vacationing in a stunning modern work of architecture isn’t necessarily easy to do.  The forward thinking folks at Living Architecture,  a company in the UK, are putting great architecture at the center of creating meaningful life experience. “We offer a chance to rent houses for a holiday designed by some of the most talented architects at work today, set in some of the most stunning locations in Britain. We have commissioned houses by MVRDV, NORD, Jarmund/Vigsnæs, David Kohn Architects, Michael & Patty Hopkins, Peter Zumthor and FAT.”

The Balancing Barn above, is just one of many residences available for rent which challenge one’s perception of space and how we interact with it.  The dramatic cantilever pushes the envelope of the expected, and offers a view from the living space, down a story to the ground below through a ‘window’ in the floor.

“The project is built by Holland architecture office MVRDV in Suffolk, England. Summer house should not be boring! claims architect Winy Mass,. When you look at this one, you´re thinking: Is it possible? Isn’t it against gravity? We tried to capture the moment when the building is hanging to its maximum, but still being balanced.“  The interior spaces are well appointed with designer fixtures, an in room bath and vaulted ceilings. The large picture windows are perfectly placed to frame an intentional view to the landscape beyond. A real design-centric getaway.

Image 1Image2  Excerpt sourced at Living Architecture.

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