FLOR Story: Uncorked Studios

Hello FLOR,

We’re a small software design studio located in Portland, Oregon. We recently moved into a new office space in a really cool warehouse building on the east side of Portland.  There are many great things about our space: there’s tons of light, different areas for our team to work creatively, and really tall walls, which are great for marker boards and sticky notes.

The only downside to our space is the acoustics. With concrete on the floors, walls and ceiling, there’s a lot of echo. While we liked rugs, it wasn’t cost-effective to cover our space in them. So we chose Flor tiles for our main work space. We’re planning on adding more for each of our rooms as our furniture arrives. It was really easy to install them, and they’ve held up well to our foot traffic and dog traffic as well.

Here are some photos of our space. We shot quite a few, including some that show how we’ve been using our FLOR samples as coasters. (They make great coasters believe it or not).

Thanks for making a great product!


Uncorked Studios

Ups & Downs

FLOR samples used as coasters

 Button Rugs


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