The unexpected. A new perspective. An opportunity to experience a common occurrence with fresh eyes. This swimming pool, deceivingly expected from the upper level, offers a surprise worth the trip down the stairs. Sure, we’ve all enjoyed this perspective while visiting an exhibit at the aquarium or zoo; a polar bear or dolphin enjoying the thrill of experience immersed in the water. But taking this design expression to a personal human level is interesting. There is a feeling of alone-ness and privacy under the water. An absence of perceptible sound, and at greater depths, of available light. I find this viewing window incredibly intriguing. It creates an opportunity to see movement much like one would experience dance, and provides an unexpected adventure to the observer and swimmer alike.  I applaud the creative approach given to the design of taking a dip in the pool, to cause me to pause and reflect. It’s looking with fresh eyes at our everyday, designing our typical activities, environments and experiences in such a way that they provide a source energy and a new perspective.  Come on. Try it. Go forth and look anew!

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