How Much Fabric Do I Need to Reupholster A…


Are you ready for your next DIY project? Have you ever wondered what it would cost to reupholster that weathered and worn sofa in your living room? Not sure about how much fabric it would take, right?  This wonderful diagram created by Dina of Honey and Fitz, puts those questions to rest. A great visual tool and handy reference to help budget for your project, and imagine the design possibilities. Thank you Dina!

chair2_520 chair3_520

Images sourced at Honey and Fitz

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Modularity For All Surfaces

Patricia Urquiola has designed a new line for Spanish textile brand Gan.  Introduced at maison-objet 2013 in Paris, these modular components are all you need to create a flexible room setting. Simple in concept, these handmade tapestry designs in a lovely nubby textural palette of pinks, grays and yellow, can be used on any or all surfaces of a room. Woven of the same cloth, whether a wall hung tapestry, upholstery for the fabulous Pouff’s, or a floor mat, each dynamic element can be configured to interact and play off one another. To me, it suggests redesign. A system of interchangeable parts arranged to suit the activity of the moment. The opportunity to design a room everyday?  Doesn’t get any better than that.

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