Maja DeBear

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Maja is a fine artist turned entrepreneur living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  Her company Ursidae means family of bears, a play on her name and recognition of the fact that the inaugural Ursidae collection is a series of silk scarves based on her father’s tessellation drawings.  The collection got its start back in 1975 when her father, Robert DeBear started this series of drawings – infinite fields of interlocking figures ranging from zoological to mythological forms.  The project was never completed and sat filed away for nearly 40 years.  In 2011, he lost his long battle with cancer; but before he passed away, he asked that his family find a way to share these designs with the public.

Ursidae celebrates the beauty that is found in moments of loss.  The collection is launching this fall and we are quite certain it is going to be a wild success – take a look at a few of the look book shots below :

Maja’s collection involves the convergence of techniques – the patterns began as hand drawings by her father, were completed and transformed into a format that would work for her intended use and ultimately become digitally reproduced onto fabric.  Every production technique allows for different opportunities and has certain constraints.  Digital printing on fabrics is popping up more and more on the runways as designers can use manipulate photographic imagery for unique results.  Maja considers Greek designer, Mary Kantrazou, to be the most innovate designer creating with digitally printed fabric right now. Here are some of Maja’s favorite images from the Mary Kantrazou Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook.

Maja’s experience bringing the Ursidae product line to life has opened up new ideas and opportunities.  Come meet Maja at our Soho location on August 30th to hear more about her work and future plans.

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UrsidaeNYC website

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