Vintage Paris

Images of this stunning Paris apartment are front and center on my image wall. The austere industrial environment of this light filled loft is the perfect backdrop for the homeowners interesting collection of vintage furniture. The Prouve designed dining set above seems ideally suited to the space, as does the carefully placed collection of midcentury modern pieces from well know designers in the living area, below. A coveted collection like this is often difficult to display, without feeling a bit like you are walking into a museum. These rooms work because they are balanced and spare, providing the space and presence these pieces deserve. The grouping of furniture is done with deliberate scale, color and texture consideration, enabling each of the pieces to be read both individually as sculpture in the space, as well as part of a dynamic collection.

Images sourced at Marie Claire Maison

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A Nod To Vintage

Vintage is a staple in today’s modern décor, but it’s also a rather timeless trend and certainly one that’s not going away. Those emotions that are invoked by our favorite vintage pieces don’t belong to a certain decade or generation; they belong to each of us, and are infused into our lives through the surroundings we create.

So we dusted off some of our favorite time-honored textures and patterns and put a modern spin on your home design with FLOR’s Vintage collection.

Watch This is brightly-colored patchwork patterns that are components of other FLOR, together in a bold and brash reinterpretation.

Remebrance is a melange of Persian rug references in a modern remix.

Overtly romantic colorations and low contrast, active patterning give a vibe that hints that your Heirloom rug might have seen some fun in the age of jazz.

One of the most popular motifs in modern textile design, Arabesque is our paisley interpretation that adds a bit of geometry to iconic organic swirl.

Reoriented is a modern twist on traditional art form resembling sewn-together rug remnants in updated, over-dyed colors.

All of these styles are made using 100% recycled Nylon face fibers – taking old and turning it into new.  Our new Vintage Collection merges old-world inspired patterns with new-world technology to create classic, timeless designs that keep up with your lifestyle.  View the entire Vintage Collection.

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Eames Lounge Chair

Charles & Ray Eames, 1956

I noticed while reading Fast Company that Vitra — one of two companies officially licensed to produce the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, recently introduced a video about the manufacturing process of the beloved pair. Beautifully presented, it provides a behind the scenes glimpse into just how these iconic furniture pieces are created. So much is still made by hand. I absolutely love the opportunity to experience this process; meticulously detailed and precise, yet the element of handcraft has been retained. The Lounge Chair is one of the most famous designs by Charles and Ray Eames. Created in 1956 it is now a classic in the history of modern furniture.

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