Happy Birthday to the Lightbulb

‘Thomas Edison’s first successful test of a long-lasting carbon filament took place on October 22, 1879.’ A discovery that has changed the very way we live and engage in our environments. A source of light, functioning beyond the expected, visually warming a room, and providing a focal point. Bulbrite‘s introduction of the Nostalgic light bulb collection is beautiful indeed. With eye catching and intricate filament designs, they can be used both indoors and out. Spectacular enlightenment.

Images and excerpt sourced at Unbiased Writer.

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Industrial Lighting For All

Good news; industrial lighting is still a major trend in today’s design industry. Whether vintage, antique or simply inspired by a previous era, industrial lighting adds a touch of aged perfection to any room. Below, find my favorite picks for every space, budget and style!:

1. I’d install this wire dome pendant over a living room side table for a cozy, stylish accent. ($398)
2. For a retro-inspired dining nook, try a vintage pendant in enamel steel. ($125)
3. An industrial floor lamp is as sculptural as it is functional; this design is absolutely stunning. ($798)
4. I’d love to see these workshop cage lights in a Scandinavian-inspired washroom. ($195)
5. Love color? A cheery enamel factory pendant might be the way to go in your home. ($238)
6. Try a barn light over your kitchen window and bring the outdoors inside! ($143)
7. This mini pendant would look smashing centered in a group over a traditional kitchen island. ($230)
8. Want a touch of nautical style in your spare bedroom? Try a gunsmoke sconce for the perfect getaway. ($143)

Happy lighting!

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