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Writing on a typewriter is a totally different experience than composing on a computer keyboard. Don’t you agree? The sights and sounds provided by striking the keys is a sensory celebration. Klickity-klack, muffled by the collision of the letter to the ribbon of ink, makes writing even an every day grocery list, great fun. Until now, if you wanted to take a step back in time and connect with your creativity one keystroke at a time, you would likely need to do so with extreme patience, on a vintage model. Yes, the keys stick from time to time, and the ribbon gets jammed, not to mention the all important “ding” doesn’t ring, signaling it’s time for a rhythmic carriage return. Could take the fun right out of it?

Fear not my friends. Kabash Mod has introduced a fabulous line of vintage typewriters, fully restored and functioning. Not only do they really work, they look really good too. Sporting fabulous modern paint jobs, these classics are all dressed up and ready to go. Go ahead, write that book you’ve been pondering. I dare you.


There are many beautiful machines to choose from, dating from the 20′s, all gleaming examples of their original splendor. The’ll even talk custom. I love that. A typewriter to work with your personal decor. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Tel: (347) 457-6025 || Email: chasesgilbert@gmail.com
Inquire above for information on pricing, custom orders, and a list of their rapidly revolving inventory.
All images found at Kabash Mod website.

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