Curtis Jere


I was recently shopping for vintage furniture, when a fabulous wall sculpture caught my eye. Could it be I had just laid eyes on an authentic Curis Jere?  

I looked with cautious excitement, as there are many knock offs of the highly collectible work of the design team of Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler. Together they launched Artisan House in 1964. They began creating costume jewelry and brightly enameled copper work in the 1950's and 1960's. Later, the team became known for their highly ornamental wall sculptures, like their best known 1970's composition above titled "Raindrops". 


So who was Curtis Jere anyway? All of the authentic work is signed "C. Jere", and notes the production date. The identification represents a creative contraction of the partners names, which lead many to believe it was the work of a single artist. Did my found object have the appropriate markings?  Yes!

This brand identity was marketed by retailers like Gumps. The tag, like the one pictured below, was often attached to artwork to convey a purchase of a one of a kind piece. The manufacturing process is most successful, as these jewel-like objects were in fact mass produced, yet look handmade.



The work of C. Jere has become so sought after, that interior designer Johnathan Adler has recently made arrangements with the firm to reproduce several of their most famous designs. Raindrops round mirror is one of the pieces offered by Adler. Prices are a fraction of an original at auction.


Original work of C. Jere can be found on Ebay and 1st Dibbs, or if you are lucky like I was, in vintage shops and estate sales.  Happy Hunting!


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A Simple (But Genius!) DIY

Introducing… my new favorite chair of all time:

Sure, I'm tiring quickly of the typography and Ampersand trend, but with a statement chair like this (and a so, so well executed upholstery job!), can you ever really go wrong?

Lisa Barrett whipped this beauty up with fabric from AuntyCookie on Etsy. The look is perfectly vintage industrial and can suit hundreds of different spaces. Bonus? The black is upholstered in black and white stripe. I do love a good surprise ending, don't you?

Kudos to you, Lisa! Very well done.

p.s. If do so say myself, the creation would complement our In Stitches pattern perfectly, yes? Happy decorating!

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Rose-Colored Glasses…

… and I don't mean of the eyewear variety. I've been spotting colored glass popping up all over the place, whether in vase, lighting or dinnerware form. An instant way to provide a colorful focal point to your tablescape, I'm loving the idea of collecting your favorite shades and scattering them about your home.

Let's use photos as inspiration to walk us through the concept, shall we?:

Above: Stick to a monochromatic color scheme to keep the look from appearing too cluttered. Image via DesignShrine.


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6 Handmade Touches For Every Home

I've always been the biggest fan of quirky, handmade touches in one's home. Whether you have a knack for turning trash to treasure, or just love a great one-of-a-kind item, these ideas are sure to brighten even the dimmest of homes. Try one today!:

Vintage Wine Rack Turned Magazine/Newspaper Holder
Convert a restaurant style wine rack from your favorite spaghetti factory and call it a media rack. You'll look smarter in no time!

Crate Shelving
Have a few spare crates lying in your garage? Give them a face lift with mid-century-inspired stool legs and some crafty sculpting.

Doodle Recipes
This one's for you, artists! Grab a Sharpie and go to town on the inside of your spice cabinet. May you never forget Aunt Thelma's sugar cream pie recipe again!

Picture 10

Over-Door Storage
The craftiest homeowner leaves no shelving unit unnoticed and that includes over-the-door space! Maximize your organizational techniques with this simple DIY.


Rain Gutter Planters
Have a green thumb with a love for eco-friendly DIY tutorials? Try this rain gutter planter you can install on the side of your home (very ideal for folks with small yards!).


Guest Dresser
Have a junky dresser with a missing drawer (don't we all?)? Place it in your guest bedroom to allow for towels, trinkets and space for your guests to sprawl. Beware — some may never want to leave after such a sweet welcome!

Proof that handmade touches can be quick and easy [on the wallet!]. Happy nesting!

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Perfect Pair: If There Be Thorns & Esther Coombs

Do you ever stumble across a couple of complementary decor items and feel your mind start to race with the possibilities? Even if it's unrealistic to overhaul your decor or ultimately not really your style, it can be so much fun even to dream! This happened to me the other day when, moments after looking at the FLOR catalog's If There Be Thorns tiles, I found myself in Esther Coombs's Etsy shop.

Coombs upcycles old, discarded ceramics and gives them new life with hand-drawn illustrations of English flowers, London landmarks, and other images. I love the way her graphical drawings interact with the existing patterns and infuse vibrancy into otherwise dull or dated dishes. Her English rose designs in particular are at once traditional and modern … and so in sync with FLOR's If There Be Thorns tiles!

Totally complementary without being matchy-matchy, the FLOR tiles and Coombs's reimagined ceramics both transform a potentially stuffy motif (the rose) and form (carpet, china). They combine a fun, pop-art sensibility with a touch of elegance and vintage charm. Now to find myself an urban cottage to decorate…

Pictured: If There Be Thorns in blue, plum, and rose; Pool roses tea cup and saucer; 3 tier rose cake stand; Lloyds building yellow rose plate pair

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