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Vipp is one of my all time favorite brands. At once utilitarian and refined, the attention to detail in every piece they design is without compromise. Beautiful proportions, sophisticated colorways-  While reading Wallpaper I was thrilled to learn of their recent kitchen introductions. Vipp has always created accessory pieces for the kitchen and bath. Now, a gorgeous new line of kitchen cabinets. Not unlike the simplicity of St. Charles cabinets of the 1950′s, these new Vipp creations are simple, strong and true. The mechanisms of the drawer construction, and detail of the ‘floating’ countertop, are a welcomed addition to the ever growing kitchen market. I find even some of the most well known modern kitchen lines to be over-scaled, and often overwhelming to residential clients. Vipp’s line has managed to create clean, modern casework, that is scaled for  the user, and possess’ a feeling of welcome and comfort. “The complete Vipp kitchen concept unfolds in every detail. Even fixtures, drawer pulls and inserts, range hood as well as gas knobs are developed in respect to Vipp’s design DNA injecting a functional and visual cohesiveness into the kitchen. The kinship in the Vipp collection is unmistakable in both the choice of materials and style. New products are manufactured using the characteristic Vipp materials, steel and rubber, enhancing Vipp’s more than 70-year-old tradition for excellent craftsmanship.”

‘Morten Bo Jensen is the creative mind behind recent years’ new Vipp products. At the rather tender age of 27, Morten Bo was entrusted to carry on the Vipp family’s design legacy. Educated industrial designer in Denmark and with a past working for the Biomega Bike brand, Morten Bo took on the challenge of bringing the 70-year-old Vipp design DNA into the future.

From the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Morten Bo runs Vipp Design Lab that continuously seeks to combine aesthetics and functionality in order to reach new dimensions’.

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