This beautiful concrete collection is Made in Sweden by Iris Hantwerk. The objects are simple, modern and exquisitely formed. It is inspiring that these beautiful handmade items are created by visually impaired craftspeople. “This concrete shaving kit includes a shaving dish made from soft concrete, shaving soap, and a traditional beech brush with badger hair bristles. Iris Hantwerk employs visually impaired craftspeople to create beautiful handmade brushes. Each individual bundle of bristles are bound to hardwood handles just like they were made in the 19th century. The soft concrete dish reads “soap” in braille. It really brings new meaning to the term “hand made”.

Iris Hantverk is a part of the Iris Group owned by Synskadades Stiftelse and has close ties with the the visually impaired. Within the group, business benfits are combined with benfits to society. The simplicity of these everyday objects speak to their use and function. Designed for a purpose, they are a beautiful sculptural element in their environment, and speak volumes with their subtle braille. 

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