Jean Prouvé RAW Special Edition

The iconic Jean Prouvé furniture collection, seventeen design classics which embrace the essence of Jean Prove’s work, have been reinterpreted in a new series titled Prouvé RAW. In a collaboration with Vitra, the Prouvé family, and GStar have created a stunning collection that will be available for purchase at Vitra retailers for one year.

It might seem like an unlikely pair; GStar a high design denim company, and Vitra, a high end furniture company. But, the relationship is grounded in the common belief in expression of function, inherent beauty of the natural material and an architectural and three dimensional approach to product study. A hands on process, G-star’s philosophy is ‘Just the Product’. Seems to me an appropriate point of connection, with the work of Prouvé‘.

“Jean Prouvé‘s designs use a language linked to necessity and construction while simultaneously giving technically innovative objects a poetic playfulness. Generally described as one of the greatest French designers of the 20th century, Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) was an architect, an engineer and a passionate teacher, a prolific inventor, a visionary manufacturer and the founder of the Ateliers Prouvé, which was for thirty years the factory as well as a laboratory for his experimental architecture projects and innovative furniture designs. But above all Jean Prouvé was a hands-on “constructeur”, who never stopped experimenting with his designs, and was always adapting them to the spirit of the times.” Vitra

These are beautiful, collectible objects. I believe they maintain the spirit of the original furniture pieces, while introducing an interesting, albeit edgy quality. Check them out, and let me know what you think.

Images and excerpts sourced at Vitra.

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Eames Lounge Chair

Charles & Ray Eames, 1956

I noticed while reading Fast Company that Vitra — one of two companies officially licensed to produce the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, recently introduced a video about the manufacturing process of the beloved pair. Beautifully presented, it provides a behind the scenes glimpse into just how these iconic furniture pieces are created. So much is still made by hand. I absolutely love the opportunity to experience this process; meticulously detailed and precise, yet the element of handcraft has been retained. The Lounge Chair is one of the most famous designs by Charles and Ray Eames. Created in 1956 it is now a classic in the history of modern furniture.

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