Eye Popping Branding

Waldo Trommler Paints. Recognizable and striking thanks to the great branding and design work of Reynolds and Reyner. “No doubt, WTP is the most friendly and remarkable brand of paints on the shelf now. WTP has no corporate colors – it has a corporate identity, common for each design element – from business cards to packaging. Every item is a bright and memorable combination of colors and objects that all together form as a whole the entire brand. ”

Reynolds and Reyner truly believes in the power of design. “It’s not about making modern and high quality design, it’s an approach to process, which will serve as the basis of communication between brand and consumers.” Communication strikes us not only through what is read and heard, but also visually. This powerful design strategy speaks of identity, quality and the brand position, which are all understood with a glance at just one can of fabulous, eye catching paint.

Images and excerpts sourced at reynoldsandreyner.comProduct sourced at design-milk.com

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