Decorate With… Flatware!

Life is indeed in the details, and I love the idea of re-purposing everyday objects to make a larger impact throughout your home. Case in point? The sudden surge of knives, forks and spoons serving (literally!) double duty in today’s modern home:

1. The Fork as a Cabinet Pull
After spotting this image, I was inspired to find something similar. Turns out you can store-bought fork pulls, or DIY a similar look with your favorite flatware piece (check out the spoons in this kitchen!).

2. The Spoon as a Decorative Wall Hanging System
Genius. Mugs and spoons working together to perform a beautiful storage solution. Why didn’t I think of that? (pictured above from Re-Nest)

3. The Knife as a Coat Hook
Equal parts quirky and unexpected, this cheeky knife coat hook made me smile.

How have you seen flatware re-purposed lately? Share below in the comments!

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2 Art Projects For The Fashionista

Often times, fashion, art and decor go hand in hand. In the case of the following art projects, the transition is much more… literal. Take a look!:

Steps To Get Your Ex Back With You” alt=”" width=”500″ height=”626″ />

Image: Better Home & Gardens Australia (via Style Redux)

Need cheap art asap? Look no further than your pantry for old shopping bags from your favorite establishment. Add some inexpensive frames in a traditional grid and you’ve got quite the fashion-inspired art installation!

via SugarSnap

Face it; you outgrew that shiny little number years ago. Why not hang it on your wall and bask in your favorite dancing memories? Bonus points for mustard and tulle!

Happy decorating!

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Bright Idea: Paint Chip Your Wall!

I stumbled upon a gorgeous image from Murobond yesterday and immediately felt inspired to create a similar look in my home — particularly in a rarely-used, nearly barren backsplash in our guest powder room. Take a peek:

It's lovely, yes? Of course, these paint chips are $1.50 each (AU), but I'm sure my local hardware store wouldn't mind me taking a few samples off their hands…

What do you think? Would you ever pin paint chips to your walls in lieu of artwork? I love the idea of trying unexpected color palettes to see what fits. Let the games begin!

Via Remodelista

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Wall Art: Why Stencils Are Greener Than Decals

Last week I shared some of my favorite green wallpaper designers, but for those who want something less permanent and all-encompassing (and pricey!), here's another option: wall stencils. The ones shown here are from Cutting Edge Stencils, and although the stencils themselves are made of plastic, I think they are a much greener option than vinyl wall decals for several reasons:

  • They're healthier: Not only is the production and disposal of vinyl toxic to the environment, but it also releases chemicals that may be particularly harmful to children. As much as I like the designs offered by some vinyl decal producers, I'd rather keep my home and planet safe!
  • They're reusable: Admittedly, some decals are reusable, too, but after awhile they stop looking so pristine and eventually you have to throw them away. Plus, you can only place a decal in one location while a stencil can be reused to create layered looks or patterns. Instead of throwing the stencil away when you're done, you can keep it for a future project, lend it to a friend, or give it away on Craigslist.
  • You can play with color: A decal can't change its color, but a stencil offers unlimited possibilities. Remember to use an eco-friendly, low- or no-VOC paint! (My favorite brand is Mythic.)

Finally, a painted design looks much more elegant than a sticker, don't you think?

Have you used wall stencils in your home? Do you have any painting tips or favorite designers?

Pictured: Cutting Edge Stencils' Clematis Branch, Anemone Grande, Bon Appetit, Fern Leaves

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