3 Ways To Dress Up an Empty Wall (For Under $10!)

An art junkie by day and decorator by night, I've never met an empty wall I didn't hate. In fact, I tend to go overboard, using up as much surface area as possible to display my various collections, artwork and wall coverings. So whether you've fallen victim to EWS (Empty Wall Syndrome) or are just hoping to spice up your favorite space, these three budget ideas for empty walls are sure to make any room snap, crackle and pop!:

1. Have some spare paper laying around your craft drawer? Channel your inner Skinny Laminx, download a few stencil patterns and create a stunning paper cutout installation with some handy clothespins and string.
Total Cost? Free, unless you need to re-stock your clothespins.

2. Not quite as crafty as the above cutouts require? Grab some bright yellow masking tape (or painter's tape!) like Nidhi and display your favorite inspirational images, photos and greeting cards. Instant color solution!
Total Cost? $4 for the bright masking tape

3. Not one to keep a chicken coop in your backyard? Grab an old frame and use that chicken wire to craft an impromptu inspiration board for your favorite images.
Total Cost? $8 for chicken wire

That's it! You've got no excuses for an empty, boring wall. Time to get to work!

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