Why Don’t You…?

… frame wrapping paper as artwork?

Original art can be pricey indeed, and large-scale wallpaper is just as expensive. Why not frame a sheet of wrapping paper in lieu of the fancy alternative? With hundreds of patterned options available year-round, it’s the perfect affordable fix to brighten any artless room.

Not sure where to start in choosing wrapping paper to frame? This marbled paper from Paper Mojo (found at Little Green Notebook) is a sure win for classic, glamorous spaces. And this quirky polka dot design would liven up any kids’ room. Or wouldn’t this graphic pattern look perfect in a modern office space?

Happy wrapping (err, framing!)!

Image Credit: Kristen F. Davis Designs

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Why Don’t You…?

… go diagonal?

After spotting this image on Decoratrix, I knew exactly what’s been missing in my art gallery inspiration files. We’ve seen random arrangements, tiled grids, even the floor-to-ceiling approach. But a diagonal, staircase-inspired display of artwork? Perfection.

I love how it frames the low credenza and the patterned flooring plays so well with the geometry above. Tell me – would you try it in your own home? Or do you prefer a more traditional display? I’d love to hear!

Image Credit: Decoratrix

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Bright Idea: An Organized Display for Kids

Teaching children the value of an organized space can be a giant task indeed. After all, what fun is it to hang your clothes when you’ll just be wearing them again the next day? (I confess as a grown-up, I often think the same of making my bed!)

Naturally, this idea made me smile. If you’re handy with free-hand illustration, you could easily recreate a display wall that encourages your children the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place!” – while still maintaining an artfully decorated room. I love the look, but the function is even smarter!

And no worries – if you simply can’t be trusted with a paintbrush and a steady hand, this custom vinyl decal company can create dozens of clothing silhouettes to stick on the wall directly. Genius!

Happy organizing, friends!

Image credit: 101 Woonideeen

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Make It: A Giant Confetti Wall

Because I have white walls (and love them endlessly!), I often find small ways to dress them up every now and then. It’s the perfect way for me to temporarily brighten my space without investing in wallpaper or a bold paint color I might hate in a few weeks. (Anyone else out there an incredibly fickle decorator in this way?)

Naturally, this DIY confetti wall project found in Beci Oprin’s book Find & Keep┬áis the perfect easy solution for a rainy day afternoon. Wouldn’t it be fun to enlist the help of your family and friends to create one giant wall of fun? Here’s how:


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Spotlight: Cube Shelving

Modular shelving has been around for years, and I’ve never exactly been a fan. They always seemed a bit “college dorm room” to me, likely because of those plastic crates I sported for four years during university. (Surely I wasn’t the only one who used them as bookshelves, makeshift dressers and more?)

But then I spotted these images from Petra Bindel’s portfolio, and instantly, my mind shifted. No longer are cubes synonymous with late night pizza and final exams. Instead, modular shelving can suddenly seems chic, smart and incredibly sophisticated.

I suppose it’s all in the styling, yes? Any collection can make or break a room, and when displayed in such an unexpected manner, the look definitely pops.

How do you feel about modular shelving? Yay or nay?

Images: Petra Bindel and All The Way To Paris for Danish MUUTO

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