What Makes FLOR Different?

Everyone here at FLOR firmly believes in the products we produce.  We often talk about the differences that go into the design and manufacture of FLOR products, but we thought it would be great to hear it direct from our company president, Greg Colando.

In this video, Greg explains why FLOR is a better and smarter alternative to conventional area rugs or rolled carpeting; he discusses how designing with FLOR carpet squares gives you tremendous design flexibility and freedom to create custom designs to suit your taste and space; and, he talks about why modular FLOR tiles are simply a more practical way to cover your floors for today’s busy lifestyles.

We love what we do and want everyone to share in the joy of FLOR carpet squares.  We believe that once you experience the FLOR difference, you will never want to go back to traditional rugs or carpeting again.

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Designing a Pet-Friendly Home

If you’ve seen the cover of our new fall catalog, you probably noticed the adorable dog sitting attentively on one of our new styles:  Line, Please.  (Yes, he is real … we think he’s a Wire Fox Terrier. Update:  The pooch is a she (Sophie) and she’s a Lakeland Terrier.  We were close and she’s still super adorable!).

For anyone who has ever owned a pet you know there are occasional mishaps that accompany these adorable little creatures – kitty scratches on furnishings or pillows, puppy accidents on the carpet, or the periodic chewing of your favorite rug or shoes.

But fear not – it is possible to have a beautiful home without having to oust your furry friend.  One of the secrets in designing a pet-friendly home is choosing materials that work for you instead of against you.  That means, choosing textiles or patterns that can actually help to camouflage things like pet hair, accidents, snags or spills.

We have a slew of pet-friendly styles from our new Fall Collection that do the trick: Mild Mannered; Level Setting; Sound Check; or, Reverb – to name just a few.

(above: Mild Mannered – Thyme)

(above: Level Setting – Black)

(Above:  Sound Check – Pewter)

(Above: Reverb – Persimmon & Magenta)

These low-profile styles are less likely to trap pet hair or soil and use variations in color and texture that give them extra camouflaging qualities, making them perfect for homes with pets.

Check out more reasons why FLOR is the smart answer for beautiful, well-designed homes that happen to have pets (or kids).

photos:  property of FLOR inc.


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