Paper Airplanes

Please click here to see the paper planes video. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

Have you seen the much anticipated Hand Made issue of Wallpaper? This annual exploration into all things handmade, once again, does not disappoint. In fact there are so many beautiful, artful stories, it was hard to select just one to share. I chose Paper Airplanes by Studio Glithero and Baddeley Brothers, for a multitude of reasons. Yes, they are handmade. But, by tradition that is often the case. These airplanes are special not only for that one important quality. The designers craft of making the paper and the applied pattern is deliberate, well composed and perfectly placed in the final form. Additionally, the adaptation of equipment to create these planes; those used for envelope folding, is a stroke of brilliance. I have such respect and admiration for the designer who celebrates the process of creation as this team does. Each step carefully considered. No shortcuts. Every necessary event given the time and space it needs to become a beautiful detail in the finished object. I hope you enjoy the video of this exploration in creativity and flight. I certainly did.


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