Not Wallpaper


This is decidedly NOT wallpaper. The way I see it, it’s large scale, room making, art for your walls. A collection of graphically engaging images by a diverse group of artists in varied styles, are available by yourwallpaper. Customizable in size and color and even image. ‘The xerographical printing technique enables manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.’ Homeowners and designers alike can collaborate to create artwork, with a specific artist, or search within the collection to ‘find motifs or patterns for your wallpaper and adapt them according to requirements and environment .’ Brilliant.


The xerographical printing technique enables us to manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.

Images of art by self taught artist Moley Talhaoui. Images and excerpts sourced at  www.yourwallpaper

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Why Don’t You…?

book wallpaper

… create your own wallpaper with pages from your favorite book?

Wallpaper can be so beautiful in a variety of spaces, but it’s all so very permanent. And if you have decor anxiety like me, forever second-guessing your furnishing decisions, permanence can sometimes be a bad thing. The good news? With a bit of ingenuity, your favorite illustrative book and some poster putty, you can create your own temporary wallpaper – collage style!


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Genius Wallpaper

I love wallpaper for the way it injects pattern and personality into every space, but I often think about how tedious it is to hang (and how wasteful its remnants can be!). But then I spotted Wall & Deco, an Italian company that specializes in custom-sized wall murals, all fit to the perfect size and scale of your desired room. And I can now safely say, I’m hooked.


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2 Ways Renters Can Rock Wallpaper

As a longtime renter and small space dweller, I’ve picked up some awesome design tips for making my space feel great (that’s what it’s about, folks!) From color to space planning to DIYs, creating a home that is personal and full of style and design is easy to achieve even if you are a renter. These days, product designers have started to create items that renters can use in their temporary homes. One of my fave – wallpaper. There are tons of neat options out there that apply to the wall with a sticky back that can also peel right off (think Post-It note).

 What do you think of temporary wallpaper? Would you use it in your own home?


(Images via here and here)

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Bright Idea: Patterned Paint Rollers

Wallpaper is all the rage in today’s trendiest homes, but it can take days (weeks?) to remove it once you’ve grown tired of the pattern. And with the cost of wallpaper steadily rising, it’s an investment that leaves many homeowners nervous about making the leap. Enter printed paint rollers, a genius idea discovered from this Etsy seller on a visit to Romania (and originally spotted on Apartment Therapy).


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