The Adria

The new Adria hotel is opening in London. Housed in a historic Victorian townhouse built in 1870, it introduces a true boutique hospitality experience to Central London. A 24 bedroom hotel, Adria has been designed as a residence with rooms portraying individual atmospheres of British tradition. Appropriately, there is a sense of whimsey applied to the naming conventions of the rooms. Rooms are not “numbered”, but “lettered” with “A” being Adria, each room follows alphabetically so you can stay in the Bowler (B), the Croquet (C), the Downing (D), the Elizabeth (E)-  you get the picture.

When looking through photographs of the newly completed spaces, I was taken by the subtle modern application of pattern. In traditional interiors, there is often formal use of patterning which is repeated on various elements in the space. The Adria has taken this approach and layered tactile elements such as upholstery, drapery, headboards, and wallpaper, in a beautiful, fluid and graceful organic pattern. Because of the varied texture and location of these visual bursts of activity, be it sat upon, or looked at across the room, the repetition is balanced and harmonious. Lovely. I believe it supports the stated intent of being a ‘second home’ creating intimacy and comfort.

This is a technique that can be implemented at home as well. There are many collections which offer a textile, as well as wallpaper, which can be used to create a similar room scene. Don’t limit yourself to the expected. Lampshades, bedding and window treatments  are easily constructed from these products as well. Keep the backdrop and color palette plain and simple, which will allow these patterns to read and play against one another. Have fun!

Images sourced at The Adria Hotel.

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DIY Wall Murals

Big graphic impact can really make a room. It creates a focal point and often plays with the scale of the space, making it feel larger. These wall murals are impactful, and a simple DIY install. The image printed fabric is canvas-like, which makes it easy to handle. The back is self adhesive. Just peel off the paper, press onto the wall, and smooth. A simple and cost effective way to create a new design direction in an afternoon. There is an interesting selection of available images, including modern, industrial and environmental themes. Each provides a very different effect, and offers an easy and creative way to enliven a space. You can customize your mural size, and even upload your own personal image to be printed for your installation. Incredible. And, oh-so fun.

Images and product source:  eazywallz

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Craving: Faux Tin Wallpaper

One of my favorite ceiling treatments has always been an aged tin, perfectly reminiscent of old farmhouses and industrial kitchens. Yet the job is quite painstaking, and if you’re not sold on the look, can become a huge pain to remove when you’re ready for a makeover a few years down the road.

Enter a genius solution: faux tin wallpaper from Rockett St. George. Simply adhere to the ceiling (or walls for a fresh and equally inspired look!) and watch your average space sky rocket into high style territory. Wouldn’t the look work so well in a modern loft, juxtaposed with minimalist decor and high ceilings?

I’m sold!

Image Credit: Rockett St. George

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Flat Vernacular

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Payton and Brian have merged their aesthetic viewpoints with their fine art and design expertise to create, Flat Vernacular, a company that, for now, creates surface treatments for walls and in the future, who knows? I can certainly envision their patterns translating to textiles or product design and their ideas into progressive restaurant and retail interiors.  Presently, we are treated with a collection of wallpaper designs that range from colorful, fashion forward floral to illustrative derby cars that from a distance have a deceptive twist.

Below is another example of how they’ve created designs that from a distance provide a very traditional look and feel while closer inspection reveals their whimsical, playful approach to their work.

Payton and Brian have designed their company with their client in mind, taking great care and time with every project that comes their way. They aim to remain faithful to the tradition and character of wallpaper while taking a more contemporary twist with the designs themselves. Flat Vernacular infuses color, design and their playful spirit into all of their papers.

To get a better sense of the hand-drawn, hand-printed aspects of their work, watch this video by Lilian Haidar.  There are a few time lapse series showing Brian and Payton working together and it is immediately clear what an amazing partnership they have.

And here are a few more of the patterns for your visual delight.

Please join us on August 30th to meet Payton and Brian in person and learn more about their work.  RSVP here.

Flat Vernacular website

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Wall Flats

What is a wall flat you may ask. Well, think three dimensional wallpaper, and you don’t even need to suffer the goofy movie house glasses. Let me begin by saying I’ve scraped and steamed off more than my share of wallpaper. There is a hallway in my current home named “the hall of tears”. It was the last area to be conquered; my husband and I against the wall paper. It was an ugly battle, as the paper was relentless, and frankly just wasn’t interested in helping along the transition from an english decor to our modern abode. It makes a gal a bit uneasy thinking about slathering my walls with paste and matching panel to panel of albeit beautiful papers that are on the market today.

I recently discovered these paintable, embossed, three dimensional wall covering panels by inhabit. Not only are they modern graphic expressions for your walls, they are good for the environment too. ‘You can cover a existing wall with Wall Flats, help disguise a wallpaper or paneled wall or add a modern, green dimensional wallpaper to any room setting through patterning. There are no chemical fillers or additives, and the Hand feels like a dense hardboard. Wall Flats are biodegradable and recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. Tiles are created using Bagasse, which is a bi-product of sugarcane processing. This post-industrial garbage has traditionally been discarded and sent to the landfill or burned as bio-mass. The tiles take advantage of this plentiful material by molding it into designer tiles and diverting it from landfills’. Brilliant. Just might allow me to consider  a little wall art.
All images and excerpts found at Inhabit website.

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