Wooly Good

The first fluffy white snow has fallen in Chicago this past week, followed by a North wind that's blowing in temperatures down to the single digits.  It's time to get warm and toasty with a cozy wool blanket.  Cuddly and oh, so welcome when you're still trying to get the feeling back into your toes.  Plus with all the soothing natural blends available and textile interpretations to choose from, wrapping yourself up in a wool blanket is almost becoming performance art– of the very-comfortable-on-the-couch kind.

Like the one above. Could you not imagine melting into the lovely, nubbly thickness of this blanket. It is made by hand using a handspun yarn blend of wool and mohair called Pixie Dust, but since a blanket like this could make one purr with sheer delight, they might consider calling it the Cat's Meow.

Wouldn't you love wrapping this luxuriously soft apalca-cotton blend blanket around your shoulders. Its striking, rich bands of color would also add warmth to the room when draped on the back of the couch or laying over a leather chair.


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