A Perfect Formula

When it comes to decorating, I nearly always start the process with a monochromatic palettes. Perhaps it’s because I’m a girl that likes to play it safe, or maybe I just gravitate toward simplicity. Either way, I’m a big believer in investing in timeless black and white pieces to fill out a room and adding less expensive accessories to keep the look fresh.

But how do you keep the look warm, rather than cold, minimalistic and uninviting?

[Image: Bodie & Fou]

With wood.

It’s very Scandinavian, yes, but also very classic and easy to transform as your tastes grow and change. After all, wood can be finished, re-finished, painted, re-painted and stripped over and over again. Even better? Wood is a warm tone, so you can count on its texture to create an inviting atmosphere in your otherwise monochromatic room.

White + black + wood = my perfect formula. What’s yours?

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