Shop Talk: Mrket

Photographer / designer Peter Bagi launched Mrket after dreaming of owning his own general store. Well-edited with emerging art pieces and curated housewares, Mrket is a must-see for quality design and celebrated function. Here are a few finds I’m craving!:

1. This black walnut cheese board deserves to be displayed daily. What a beauty! ($55)
2. Made of reclaimed wood, the Sailor Sam Lamp ($160) would make a lovely industrial statement in any space.
3. A pair of old style creamers are a classic addition to every kitchen – and fit the bill indeed! ($15)
4. The Yew wood knife holder ($75) hails from the Pacific Northwest and begs to be spotlighted in a rustic-inspired kitchen.

Any beauties you see in the mix? Happy shopping!

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A Perfect Formula

When it comes to decorating, I nearly always start the process with a monochromatic palettes. Perhaps it’s because I’m a girl that likes to play it safe, or maybe I just gravitate toward simplicity. Either way, I’m a big believer in investing in timeless black and white pieces to fill out a room and adding less expensive accessories to keep the look fresh.

But how do you keep the look warm, rather than cold, minimalistic and uninviting?

[Image: Bodie & Fou]

With wood.

It’s very Scandinavian, yes, but also very classic and easy to transform as your tastes grow and change. After all, wood can be finished, re-finished, painted, re-painted and stripped over and over again. Even better? Wood is a warm tone, so you can count on its texture to create an inviting atmosphere in your otherwise monochromatic room.

White + black + wood = my perfect formula. What’s yours?

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A Farmhouse Renaissance

Farmhouse modern is one of my favorite design concepts, so I’m thrilled with a new trend I keep seeing on the horizon: farmhouse renaissance! Lately I’ve been spotting milk bottles, wire baskets and canvas storage all over the web and can’t wait to see the trend bloom!

Below are a few of my favorite picks for every price range:

1. Crate and Barrel / 2. Pony Rider / 3. The Container Store / 4. Jayson Home & Garden / 5. Design Within Reach / 6. Wisteria / 7. Lexon / 8. Old Faithful Shop

After all, everyone needs a bit of grits, hay and wood-planked floors, yes? Happy trend-spotting!

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A {green} paradise…

I was flipping through some of my old magazines and this image literally stopped me in my tracks. I had to turn a few pages back to see where this is. To my complete amazement, this beautiful open space is actually a living room. Yup, not a resort lobby or anything like that, but a home that belongs to a family of four in Bali. There's also a five-story thatch-roofed pagoda built for their two daughters, where their bedrooms are. In order to get to the main house, the girls could either walk across a bridge or tiptoe on stepping stones… it's like a page out of a storybook! Too good to be true? Well, here's more… the pagoda was built with sustainability in mind. Made of salvaged teak and grass thatch, it certainly is a good practice to behold by the girls, and to grown-ups for that matter. The staircase (pictured below) in the main house is made of reclaimed wood. Supporting columns for the house are salvaged ironwood electrical poles, recovered and reused by the family when a local utility company upgraded to concrete. Love how they brought the local colors into their home as well – using saris as their shower curtains for example. But you know what makes me really fall in love with this home? The intimacy that it creates, even with the wide and open living spaces, it speaks family time to me, lots of it – and nothing is better than family time…


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On The Hunt: Industrial Storage

I'm dreaming up storage ideas for a home I'm renovating at the moment, and am having a bit of an inspiration overload moment (IOM, if you will). There are so, so many great options on the market, and industrial, vintage design is at the top of my list. There's nothing I'd love more than a well-loved pile of drawers.

Yet which route to choose? Lockers? Library catalog drawers? Letterpress stations? The possibilities are endless, and there's a case for each:

Image Credit: Marie Claire Maison

If you're in the market for a wood, investment piece, a library catalog or letterpress system is perfect if you're an organization queen. Ideal for entryways, you can house sunglasses, scarves and miscellaneous out-the-door accessories all in one handy spot. Bonus? The closed drawers hide piles of clutter.

Image Credit: Country Living

Less clean-looking, but undoubtedly more quirky, metal, open shelving is also a delight of mine. The particular design above keeps clutter in tact with crate-style drawers, but still maintains an open feeling. Lovely!

Image Credit: Emmas Design Blogg

Locker-style metal cabinets? Yes, indeed. Super functional and surprisingly chic, I'm keeping this option on the short list for my own home.

Which do you prefer, sweet readers? Masses of tiny drawers or one big closet? Metal, wood, or perhaps iron? Or are you sick of industrial storage solutions completely? Spill it!

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