Bright Idea: A White Stripe Makeover

What happens when you paint white stripes onto an average palette trunk on casters?

Image Credit: My 2nd Hand Life

Instant rustic-chic beauty. Sure, this piece of furniture was beautiful before, but by painting white diagonal stripes onto the face of the trunk, the design has been both elevated and personalized. Such a dramatic transformation for a simple process, yes?

What about you, friends? Have you painted anything surprising lately? We’d love to see!

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A Bathtub Boat!


The moment I spotted this fun, quirky (yet oh so beautiful and sophisticated!) bathtub boat on Shelterness, I knew precisely what I’d be writing about today. After all, it’s not every day you see a well-designed object that so perfectly beckons you to live that slow, meaningful life you’ve always dreamed of.

Indeed, life is fast. Slowing down for a warm tub sounds like a dream come true – especially when soaking in a wanderlust-inspired object. What do you think, friends? Would you purchase (or build!) a tub shaped like a boat? Or is it a bit too… nautical for your taste? Weigh in below!

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