Newspaper Wreath

Looking for a creative and inexpensive way to spruce up your space for the holidays? Try this easy to make Newspaper Wreath. All you need is newspaper, scissors, a hot glue gun and imagination.

How-To: This wreath is created by layering a series of paper flowers. To make a flower, cut a 4″ x 4″ square from three pages of newspaper. Fold the stack in accordion fashion. Trim with pinking shears. Twist floral wire around center. Spread paper petals and clip wire. Using a hot-glue gun, attach flower. Repeat steps until wreath base is covered; you will need about 40 flowers. To make the bow, cut five 1 1/2″ x 12″ paper strips. Form a loop with each strip, and gather up in a bouquet; secure with wire. Then make 1 1/2″ x 5″ streamers in accordion fashion; hot glue to back of bow. Secure bow with streamers to bottom center of wreath. Voila! You have created a festive addition to your holiday decor.

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Holiday Extravaganza: Wreaths Galore!

I'm one of those gals that hardly ever places a wreath on her front door, but everywhere else in my home? Wreaths exist aplenty. I hang them on my kitchen cabinets, over my office and even on my bathroom door. Luckily, there are tons of DIY ideas for stylish, crafty wreaths that keep my obsession in line without breaking the bank.

A few of my favorites?:

-Crafty gal Amanda Johnson created a sweet striped wreath out of a knitted tee. Genius! (image above)
-Need a last minute craft to keep your kids occupied and out of the kitchen? Show them this simple paper wreath tutorial. They'll be busy for hours!
-Have some spare tinsel? Make a 5 minute wreath! (image at top)

-Turn an autumn straw wreath into a winter treat with this pompom wreath tutorial. Grab some felted balls and go to town!
-Get creative with your old Polaroids and display an impromptu photo wreath. (image above)
-A grown-up paper wreath is equally easy but surprisingly classy!

Any fun wreath ideas I've missed? Let us know in the comments, and happy holidays!

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Holiday Extravaganza: I’m Dreaming Of A Technicolor Christmas

I've always marched to the beat of a different little drummer boy when it comes to holiday decorating. Sure, I love the traditional green and red color palette (especially with a touch of Tartan plaid!), but themes don't often work in my home. Instead, I like to add a few homemade touches to my everyday decorating scheme. After all, it's the details that count, yes?

Yet after perusing Will from Bright.Bazaar's latest photo shoot of his U.K. holiday chocked full of color, I swooned. I'm ready to turn my home upside down and paint the town red (and pink, green, blue, yellow and purple!).

Eek! These bright, bold, metallic toy soldiers are slaying me! So beautiful and fun.

What do you think? Too much color? Just enough? Spill in the comments below!

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