Thought bubbles…

Le Mobile (3) by Xavier Veilhan. I'm a huge fan of Calder's mobiles and when I saw this piece by Veihan, I immediately took a liking to his work. This particular mobile is constructed of twenty-five painted plastic and aluminum spheres linked together by metal and string. Veihan describes each black circle as a "thought bubble". As a sculpture, it connects thoughts and feelings by a group of people when gathered at a certain place and time, "the sum of all thoughts" if you would. It's rather impressive when shown within the compounds of a museum or a grand architectural space (could you imagine having one commissioned for your home?!) Literally took my breathe away. It's strange, but when they are done in bright colors, I feel like they create completely different conversations all together. Hence, the magic of colors and shapes – big happy thoughts, deep dark feelings, small conversations… I love it when they are shown in scale too, the proportion and dynamics each sculpture creates between an object and the human form is quite intriguing… almost as if you are a character in an animated film, just waiting for the "thought bubbles" to make a move.


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