Jayme Plensa

Spanish artist Jayme Plensa is a familiar presence to those who have visited Millenium Park in Chicago. He is the creator of Crown Fountain, an interactive art installation which opened in July of 2004. The two glass brick towers, act as a display for digital videos on their facing planes. It appears as it water is spraying out of the mouths of the people displayed on these blocks. Visitors can be found splashing around in the pool of water on the beautiful black granite plaza, framed by Plensa’s towers.

Jayme Plensa has a new exhibit in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which certainly looks like it is worth a look. I find these sculptures below to have such expressive and ethereal qualities. The forms of these objects become architectural, as they invite us to not only view, but to experience the piece three dimensionally. I am taken by the incredibly modern and minimal approach, and yet each piece is layered with significant detail, drawing me in for a closer look. The proportion is dead on, the play on scale effective, and the simplicity allows for the artists statement to be heard.  On view now through September, a stroll through the beautiful grounds in Wakefield England, would no doubt be a thought provoking experience.

“2011 will also see Plensa’s first public art project in New York City. Echo will be presented from 5 May – 14 August 2011 by the Madison Square Park Conservancy. In the UK, Chichester Cathedralrecently announced Plensa’s winning proposal for the Hussey Memorial Commission, Together, expected to be unveiled in the Cathedral in 2012″. Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Crown Fountain Image by Brandon Farley

‘irma’ by jaume plensa at the yorkshire sculpture park in wakefield, england
image courtesy YSP / © jonty wilde via Designboom




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