Sleep Box

You’ve lived it. You’re stuck in the airport. Another weather delay. Exhausted, you fashion all of your personal belongings into something resembling a pillow, and try to rest. Back in the day, airlines often provided overnight accommodations at a local hotel. Seldom the case these days, weary travelers are often forced to make due in the confines of the airport. Not always a welcome solution. What would you think of a “Sleep Box“? A clean, private space to relax while you wait, whether for a few hours or overnight. I love the idea of these compact modern dwellings providing a shareable solution to this quandary. These airport microcosms offer all the comforts of a hotel room in a compact footprint. Watch this Sleep Box Video to get a three dimensional sense of the space.

Similar mini hotel solutions are popping up worldwide, such as the Capsule Inn in Tokyo, and Citizen M currently in Amsterdam and Glasgow with locations in London and NYC coming soon. Efficient, cost effective places to stay are drawing the crowds not only at airports, but in cities as well.

Yotel opened its first location outside of an airport, in NYC in June. It offers slightly larger accommodations, in a cabin like design. Each premium unit has a private bath. Located in the heart of the big apple, its Times Square address places you right in the center of the action. The Yotel hotel has New York’s largest outdoor hotel terrace featuring amazing views, two bars, bookable cabanas and fire pits.

All images found at Arch Group website, designers of the “Sleep Box“.



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