Helene Binet

‘glasgow’, 2010
architecture by zaha hadid
edition 8 + 2 ap / hand printed b/w silver gelatin (61 x 50.8 cm)
photo © hélène binet, courtesy gabrielle ammann // gallery, cologne

Architecture has immense power. It creates experience, whether gazing upon a built work, or looking out through framed viewports to the world beyond. Helene Binet captures the essence of these experiences beautifully. I find her work to be breathtaking, allowing us to feel the impact of intangible elements such as light, shadow and movement of form. These visceral moments are often impossible to comprehend without having the fortunate opportunity to experience them first hand. They are often found in the smallest detail, or from a vantage point only the camera can document, yet are critical to understanding of the architects vision and intent. The dramatic effect of her craft uniquely conveys the countless hours the designers have spent to envision and create these experiences. The images provide me with inspiration, appreciation and beauty.


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