September 21, 2011

The 8th FLOR Series: Greg Colando & Chip DeGrace

Talk to just about any employee here at FLOR and they’ll all tell you that there is a definite family vibe in our offices.  We are still small enough that everyone is into everyone else’s business (in a good way) and we have fun doing what we do.  We are all motivated by a shared vision and goal for the company and a true belief that what we’re doing has the power to change the way people live (for the better).

This collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit starts at the top, with the two men who have most shaped this company:  our president, Greg Colando, and creative leader, Chip DeGrace.  Both have worked in this industry for 20+ years and both are extremely passionate about FLOR.

We recently sat down with both of them, as part of our 8th FLOR Series, to get their thoughts on FLOR and its future.  Here is a (relatively) uncensored look behind the business and creative visionaries of FLOR.

Oh, and it’s important to note – we did not stage or influence the Odd Couple-inspired dialogue and exchanges you’re about to witness (the banter and sentence finishing serves as evidence that these two are indeed close friends and long-time colleagues).

The 8th FLOR Series presents, Greg Colando and Chip DeGrace:


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